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Melissa J. Costa

Degree: BA Theatre Arts Wagner College, NY
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Willing to travel


Sorority Party Massacre            SUPPORTING      Chris W. Freeman, Justin Jones
Life’s A Pitch                                   SUPPORTING      Grant Rosen
Tryst                                                 SUPPORTING      CSUN




Jimmy Kimmel Show                     PRINCIPAL           Jimmy Kimmel
The Photographer                         SUPPORTING      Skyfall Entertainment
24 Hour Miracle Diet                     FEATURE               Inter/Image Productions, Inc
Top 10 Trainer Infomercial          FEATURE              Patrick Raymond Ent.

The Pajama Game                       LEAD /BABE                  Avon Community Players
Our Town                                       LEAD/MRS. WEBB      Avon Community Players
A Flea in Her Ear                           SUPPORTING             California Lutheran College
Li’l Abner                                         SUPPORTING             Avon Community Players
Murder at the Vicarage             LEAD /GRISELDA        Avon Community Players


Training & Workshops

On Camera Comedy and Instinct        Krater Studios                                                             
Hey I Saw Your Commercial!                  Mike Pointer
Acting Therapy                                            Scott Tyler
Actor, Person, Product                             ACW: Michael Leoni
Audition and Imagination                       Scott Tyler
Commercial                                                  Lien Cowan Casting: Jan and Jon
On Camera                                                   ACW: John Swanbeck
Acting Intensive                                          ACW: Jeffery Brooks, John Swanbeck, Peter Looney, Brandy Gold,

                                                                                    David L. Avcollie
Audition Techniques                                 Actors Creative Workshop: Jeffery Brooks
Commercial                                                  Actors Edge:  Christina Ferra-Gilmore
Scene Breakdown                                      Actors Edge:  Christina Ferra-Gilmore
Private Voice                                                Cappachione School of Performing Arts
Musical Theater                                          Cappachione School of Performing Arts
Private Musical Theater Dance              Cappachione School of Performing Arts


Stage Combat,

Tae Kwon Do (Yellow Belt), Swimming,



Jet Skiing, Water Skiing, Wakeboarding, Kneeboarding, Fitness,

Ice Skating,

Baton Twirling,

Horseback Riding,


Club Dancing,

Promotional Modeling,

Dance (Tap, Jazz, Ballet), Bartender, Server,

Accents (Boston, Southern, New York).
Current U.S. Passport

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